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by floor and we've seen the light kind of giving us an indication of where the search has been going. now, if you can see, we just a few minutes ago the lights came on on the top floor and, again, the students and faculty that were inside during the lockdown were told to keep their lights off and the blinds closed so any kind of light like that probably indicates that the police are up there and conducting their search in that area. i will say that the police officers coming in and out of the building seem very calm. no one is rushing in and out so the light at the top of the floor could be a good indication that the search is, you know, well underway on what might be the final floor of this building. we've been talking to students as they come out of the campus area and, again, as we said before, it's more of a partial lockdown now. one of the students who was in the tech building before said there was probably maybe 100 the 200 students in the whole building at one time mainly because it's finals week and they thought there were mainly about 60 people on the floor that he was on so it w
a south bay highway, a us marines recruiter was shot at and his car was hit and he was not. this happened on highway 85 in cooper tino, the southbound lanes of 85 were shut down for about an hour while investigators collected evidence. the marines car which has government plates was hit at least three times by bullets. >> kind of gets alerted and notices a pop from the back of one of his windows and he pulls over and discovers that he is shot at more than once, multiple times. >> investigators have not yet determined if the shots came from someone that was in another vehicle or on the side of the road. also in cooper tino the search for suspected burglar call off and a preschool has now been lifted. police search this neighborhood off of homestead most of the day and began when police tried to pull over this toyota for speeding. the car drove into a shopping center and that's where three men jumped out and two arrested and a 3rd got away, police conducted a yard to yard search and would thought find him. across the bay area today people are pauseing to remember those kill in the sandy hoo
have to think first before we act because the consequences is thin. >> friends tell us that he was a mayor dresser at a walnut creek is a lon and meditated in his background. >> they filed a lawsuit for misconduct. he filed suit on behalf of three people who said they were wrongfully arrested at the henry hotel. they said the police officers claimed to have permission to conduct drug searchs but they were caught on video entering rooms. the city has not responded to the complaint in court. >>> a judge sentenced a man to 15 years in prison for attaching women. 47 thomas pleaded no contest to molesting three women. police said he he would flash flash his high beams and goep the women. >>> driving arrest are up across the state this year. the highway patrol said between december 21st and the 251,170 people were arrested. and 39 died compared to last year. and in the bay year, 135 people were arrested for dui and there were fatal commissions. and there were 188 arrested and no fatalities. they will start again. a marine man is missing. debra explains a tool is helped to be used to
especially with the holidays coming. >> ktvu viewer sent us this picture. you can send photos at any time. you can postthem directly to our facebook page. >>> oakland police investigating a homicide. they responded to a gun shot about 3:30 this afternoon. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. so far, no suspects in custody. the man's name has not been released. >>> continuing coverage of a bottom hoax that shut down two schools. lincoln elementary for the day. a spray painted message was found this morning in san jose threatening to kill a teacher with a bottom. a sweep found no devices. they have strong leads. >> we are looking at several t people. >> authorities also checked other schools but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. the target of the threat is a well-liked english teachers. students are surprised at what's being done to protect that teacher. >> it didn't take long for students to find out what teacher was targeted. >> he set a really good atmosphere for learning. i don't know why it was him. he doesn't deserve it. >> whatever it is, i'm sure it's a joke. he seems the
in the bay area. we spoke on the phone with the press secretary who told uses 74-year-old governor has early stage prostate cancer and being treated with radiation. the governor brown's prognosis is excellent and is set to attend an event tomorrow. deunder went minor surgery last year to remove a cancerous growth on his nose. we're talking to doctors about the cancer that affects many. we'll have the full story on the sock news. >>> and what happened the moments before two people were left bound and gagged on sunday in the middle of a san francisco street. four of the five suspects of homicide case have entered not guilty pleas today. the investigator say the group assaulted 26-year-old steven read and audri prada. they were dumped unbraces l street reid later die. ed. prosecutorrers not sure what sparked the violence but they say it was not a random act. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager is fastening charges. 21-year-old garcia torres was arraigned on the additional charges in san joses. he's accused of trying to kidnap three different women in morgan hill i
are telling us 20 children, six adults and the one shooter were killed today in the massive shooting making it one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. tragedy in a small connecticut community. >> evil visited this community today. >> reporter: the police say a shooter struck sandy hook elementary school in newtown friday morning. >> we never seen anything like this. it is heart wrenching for us as it is for the families. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as 20-year-old adam lanza. he was killed by his own hand. his mother was a teacher at the school. she was killed at a second location. a parent instead of the school at the time believed 100 rounds had been fired. the first 911 call came in at 9:30 a.m. the police put in an active shooter search. >> this were police with rifles and handguns. they were on the roof, they were surrounding the school. >> the families have been notified. the preliminary identifications. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them. birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> reporter: at a vigil, connecticut's governor se
sex marriage in what could result in a landmark civil rights ruling. the justices will exam the u.s. appeals decision in february that found proposition 8 unconstitutional. today, san francisco's city attorney says a shift in public opinion about same sex marriage since proáp prop 8 passed a few years ago. >> i could think of no other case to take up if it is going to take up a case, is this case. coming at a particularly optune time. >> reporter: the supreme court agreed to look at a new york case that found the federal defense marriage act denies legally married same sex couples the benefits. our coverage continues with patty lee live in san francisco with reaction from two key players and one couple that remains in limbo, patty? >> reporter: today's announcement caught a lot of people from off guard, same sex couples hoping to wed to pioneers briefly legalized it in the city. >> reporter: tom picked out items for his wedding to his lifelong partner but they have not set a date. they are waiting for the supreme court to make a decision on gay marriage that will effect them an
. the district attorney's office tells us it's reviewing the police case and has 48 hours to decide whether to file charges. >>> and now to developing news out of san jose where police flvthing the shooting death of a teenager. it happened about 3:20 this afternoon on fair haven drive just south of the willow glen neighborhood. police say they were called out on reports of a vehicle accident but when they got there they say they found a 16-year-old boy sufrg from at least one gunshot wound. officer tell us he is san jose's 4th homicide victim of the year. that's a 20-year high for the city. >>> a man was killed in a vehicle crash in santa clara county early this afternoon. the accident happened on mount hamilton road just before 12: sls 15 p.m.. chp says he was driving a pickup truck when he went off the road. weir told the vehicle tumbled 80 to 100 feet to the roadway below. >>> the accident happened about 8:00 this morning on east 14th street at 165th avenue. officers say that a toyota camry rear ended another toyota that slamed into the school bus. two 17-year-old special needs stunts th
to retrieve information from the damaged computer and trace the history of the gunned used purchased by his mother. >> today joe biden met with law enforcement from around the country to reduce gun violence. the task force is considering ideas including reinstating a ban on assault weapons closing the gun show loophole and restricting clips. president obama has asked for the press to be readyby next month. bay area students mourning the students who died in the tragedy. students are talking about the violence. >> it happened about half an hour ago, dozens of teening all about a decade older but not much younger than the gunman himself, determined to prevent such a tragedy here. ♪ oh how he loves us. >> songs and prayer echo over the quad at heyward high school at that time when most teens are finishing finals and eager for holiday break fun, these students were thinking about newtown and the damage violence does in so many lives. >> they will never see their kids again. they have to put someone in the ground that they love so much. and like those kids never going to see christmas again.
on this federal parkland so they're taking the u.s. government to court. >> this is washington dc who ignored the will of the people around the bay area. >> kevin got a call from u.s. interior secretary ken salazar last week. the secretary had toured the farm but decided to let the 40-year lease expire on november 30th. the national park service bought the land in 1972. salazar now wants to move ahead with plans kongs laid out then to potentially make it a marine wilderness area, the only one on the west coast outside alaska. >> there are environmental consequences. no doubt if a boat goes across the bay, but there are also environmental attributes given by the shellfish. >> lenny filed a lawsuit yesterday asking the u.s. district court of northern california to set aside and hold unlawful secretary salazar's november decision. the lawsuit also requests the park service grant them a ten-year special use permit. >> we have eight or ten million oysters out there at different stages of dwropment. if we have to shut our doors in 90 days, all that food has to be destroyed. >> the drakes bay oyster
. now, two days later, his stepson is shot and wounded just away. we have jade to tell us more. >>> well, people who live here are talking. one man in particular is a pastor who lost his neighbor saturday. today, he could have lost that man's son all because of gun violence. >> his sign says it's time to come together. >> pastor nicolaus alexander. this morning, he was sent to a neighborhood for another shooting. the first shooting took place in front of the pastor's home on saturday when someone shot and killed a neighborhood while he was sitting in his car. >> we were friends. he was by neighbor. and so he wasn't a gang member or somebody that is on the streets or whatnot. he was a father. >> reporter: this morning, pastor says williams stepson was a block or so away from friends when someone opened fire. bullets struck the man and grazed a man by him. >> i don't see for what. >> reporter: we went to the ant i don't think police department -- antioch police department earlier this evening. crime statistics were released that show that violent crimes are up this year. the pastor say
ordered 26.5 million products. ins is tagram lost a quarter of the daily use ers. facebook -- users. base book -- facebook bought it last year. >>> it is now the law in russia, u.s. families are no longer allowed to adopt russian children. the law was signed into law today. it is in retaliation of u.s. law for human right abusers there. a crushing blow for would-be parents here. a hopeful mom spoke about the 3- year-old she is waiting for. >> i love my daughter very much. i miss her. so i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> adoption agencies are protesting the ban in hopes adoptions in progress may go forward. >> reporter: come january 1st, new state law expected to make it easier for women to use sperm donors to get pregnant. it was crafted with single women and same sex couples in mind. it will allow them to wave strict federal testing restrictions when receiving sperm from a known donor. critics argued that the current rules discriminate against woman who do not have intimate male partners. >>> a bay area lawmaker is trying to stop drunk drivers from repeat
on the scene tell us one large bay tree fell that knocked over another bay tree and then both hit the house. >> it scared me. it was a big crash. and i really -- really what woke me up it fell on a ladder so i heard the clatter. i knew it was a tree down but i did not -- beyond that i did not know. >> officials say it could have been worse. the first tree was so big it would of caused more damage if the second tree did not break its fall. in san francisco, ocean beach, flooding chosed down part of the highway for the third time. clearing drains including one here that you see here. let's go now to meteorologist mark tamayo in the weather center with a look at the rain totals for right now. >> impressive considering we have the bulk of the rainfall within a few hours had this morning. just in time for the morning commute. right now, we can show you the rainfall totals and look at santa rosa. three 1/2 inches, san rafael, 3.5 inches. san jose over an inch. this is quite a bit of rainfall. we have a few scattered rain showers out this right now. nothing too extreme but scattered showers up in
. they are using pressure washers to get the mud off the floors. they will have to replace base boards and open the walls to look for hidden moisture. >> the library will be our classroom the next two months. >> the cost is estimated to be in the 10s of thousands of dollars. a section of vine hill road just outside scotts valley collapsed yesterday during the downpour. crews are hoping to stabilize the road so they can reopen the line early tomorrow. residents are filling up sandbags nearby. crews have been clearing debris from massive sink hole as they try to stabilize the area. the ground washed away in yesterday's storm. lated late today crews finally shut it off. as jay hernandez reports. >> reporter: this 80-foot long 40-foot wide and 15-foot deep hole. >> when i wake up, all this is water. >> reporter: outside of his window you can see crews working. early morning rain cracked the sidewalk. but yesterday afternoon the situation got worse. >> i heard the boom. >> the massive sink hole is feet from his doorstep. the station installation of a trash rack is meant to keep debris from clogging
with asperger are less likely to commit acts of violence. >>> with ask you to stay with us for continuing coverage. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. you can go online for updates anytime. >>> police are searching for a gunman responsible for killing a 17-year-old football player in san francisco over the weekend. he was a senior. he was shot about 10:00 saturday night. police say that a friend took him to san francisco general hospital where he was pronounced dead you. >>> new at 7:00, an auto body shop neighbors say has no being there. it's located in the bay view district. we're live outside the superior court are a new lawsuit accuses the owner of illegal activity. >>reporter: i read the complaint. it accuses the own of illegally operating an auto body shop and renting illegal reach-infested apartments. >> that one, this one, this one, this one. >>reporter: neighbors say he regularly parks 15 or more cars along the street outside his house at 1278 thomas avenue. now, the city attorney is suing him, saying that behind the tall gates he has been operating brothers auto body shop ille
with a trusted duty keep to their rounds. >> the weather is killing us but it has to get done and customers have to get their boxes and people have to have their christmas presents. >> reporter: with every break in the rain, they hope for a strong retail business. a plush blanket for a cat? >> well, i did not buy anything for my boyfriend yet, but i will. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after the cat? >> after the cat, that is right. >> reporter: how close are you to finished? >> this is it. i am wrapped up now i kick back and relax and enjoy. >> reporter: that is the finish line. as far as lingering weather problems we have gotten word of 1,000 customers without power right now up in santa rosa. otherwise we are enjoying a welcomed break, temporarily. back to you. >>> well, two extremes of the rainfall today. heavy rain for the northern half of the bay area, a few light showers for the southern half. everybody bike picks up more rain through the weekend. right now, storm tracker 2, here is the wider perspective in northern california. snow showers, significant snow in fact heading out towards the
and cancellation and even few tweets aroll geist. >> it was only five minutes late for us. >> you got luck you. >> yes, we did. >> reporter: fortunately this is a holiday week for most people. today riders was less than half the people of 50,000 passengers. >> a lot of people probably didn't care. >> those who were late this morning should be home in time for dinner. >> reporter: the train had a skeleton staff working for the holiday today and that slows things up a little bit but they were able to make the switch without a hitch. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. >> now to the east bay. it has reopened during a two- car crash that killed a mm woman and her dog. the investigators shut down the road for several hours. you can see the severely damaged vehicles in this video. the victim is only identified as a female from richmond. the highway patrol says a 20- year-old man driving an suv crossed the centerren line and hit the woman's car head on. >> the bay area sense rain showers again today but the stormy weather has tapered off and moveed east. weather says the next rain is expected friday
used stolen cars which helped lead to the suspects. >> i figured out who was the car thieves and was making sure i figured where they were and i figured out who was who. >>> ends with a big splash and spifk. san francisco. there is yet another twist tonight in the strange -- he's now hospitalised in -- shows him being taken into custody yesterday for entering guatamala. he was removed to a police hospital -- they say they will not give mckee --. >>> a nevada woman has been found alive. suffering from exposure. a hunch by her brother helped bring her to safety. >> last night -- i couldn't without hurting her. >> her sister said they found that she was alive from her brother who went to search for her last night twice. >> he just had this feeling. we all thought -- we can't stop him. we just knew -- let him do what he felt he had to do and god help him. he did the right thing. and to hear him say i found her, i found her, i can't explain it for you guys. >> the brother found her off burns road where her and her boyfriend had become trapped in the snow. her boyfriend left the ve
be useful. live if san francisco, can tvu channel it news. >>> people around the bay area giving the windshield wiper another work out. we took these picture os palo alto. left behind puddles and some standing water. >>> in the south bay mountains crews are clean up storm damage. some cutting down trees. two trees fell on home this is week and others are lean. crews also imagined to get vine hill road reopened by 1:00 p.m. we'll getting familiar our meteorologist with a look at rain totals. and there is more storm coverage at you'll also find live radar image. >>> 23-year-old man under arrest accused of being a driver of at fatal hit and run accident. the chpd was called to pea body road where a body was found on the side of the road about 9:00 this morning. investigator say the t appeared the victim had been hit by the vehicle. evidence led them to him. he was interviewed and arrested. the victim was 28-year-old of fairfield. >>> the highway pa tole investigate head on crash on the golden get a bridge that backed up traffic for miles. it shut down northbound lane for m
. the sleigh being used to deliver toys tonight in the south bay. >>> back here in just ten minutes i've got rain to talk about. the fog in the morning and then showers develop. i'll let you know when they start, when they end and how much we could see hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. afrments dramatic rescue outside livermore. you're looking at a highway patrol helicopter pulling a man from the top of his truck with the pilot resting one of the helicopter's skids on the roof of the vehicle. the truck was stranded in a creek by high waters around 9:30 last night. water slowed so fast rescue divers could not risk swimg to the 58-year-old driver. after bei
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